Reading & District Inter-Club Golf League

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Henley, Sat 23rd Oct
Henley 2
Goring 5
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Result Sheet
Matchplay Knockout Team Competition Rules

Each club teams shall consist of six players format 3 foursomes' matches.

Eligibility of players is as set out in the Leagues Constitution & Rules clause 19.

Each winning match is awarded 2 points and halved match awarded 1 point. The team with the highest points goes through to the next round. In the event of a tie of points a sudden death playoff to be played by the last halved foursomes' pair until a winning team is decided. In the event of bad weather or bad light stopping play the rules of golf will apply.

The draw will be drawn at the Annual Dinner or by Committee with at least 3 attending committee members including the President and the first out the hat will receive the home draw venue. The specific method of draw will be decided each year by the committee.

a). It is the home Captains duty to arrange matches; home team is first on the draw list. He must contact the away Team Captain within a few days of the draw being made and offer at least 3 different dates, including 2 weekend dates. It is advisable not to leave matches close to closing date in case of problem on the day, weather etc. The onus is on both teams to arrange if the away team Captain does not hear from the home team from 7 days of the draw publish date the away team is automatically receives the home draw; he is then obligated to make contact within 5 days.

b). IF any Team Captain knows he will be away during the early next round period, he must contact the other team Captain extra early to arrange a match preferably prior to his absence.

c). IF a match is not played by the closing date, the match will normally be awarded to the away team if the away team can demonstrate they have made every effort to make contact and arrange. There will generally be no exception to this rule, however if any team feels there has been a lack of co-operation arranging or playing the match, he must state his case at least 7 days prior to the closing date to KO Organiser, who will attempt to resolve the situation.

d). No extensions will be granted unless extreme-extenuating circumstances that can be proven. If lack of effort arranging a match is apparent by both parties, both will be eliminated from the competition.

The venue is played at first named team known as the "home draw" may designate their home club as the venue. This does not apply to the semi-final or final, which must be played at a neutral course selected and arranged by the committee. The course selected would normally be one from those that have a participating team within the RDICL.

Team members must all play off level i.e. Scratch with no handicap difference.

It is the winning Captains duty to notify KO Organiser (or website subject to being up and running and accessible by team captains) as soon as the result is known. Non-notification may result in loss of the match.

Any dispute, lack of contact etc. must be notified to KO Organiser for a decision early in the draw. It will serve no purpose complaining of unfair decisions if KO Organiser was not informed well before the closing date of the round. In all matters his decision will be final.

Winning Team to receive a cash prize presented with the RDICL Matchplay Trophy.