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League Fixtures

Goring v Sand Martins (L)
Goring & StreatleySat Mar 30th 1pm
Calcot Park v East Berkshire (L)
Calcot ParkSat Apr 13th 1pm
Reading v Sand Martins (L)
ReadingSat Apr 20th 2pm
Henley v Sand Martins (L)
HenleySat Apr 27th 1pm
East Berkshire v Goring (L)
East BerkshireSat Apr 27th 1pm
Henley v East Berkshire (L)
HenleySat May 4th 1pm
Calcot Park v Reading (L)
Calcot ParkSat May 11th 1pm
Sand Martins v Goring (L)
Sand MartinsSat May 11th 1pm
Goring v Calcot Park (L)
Goring & StreatleySat May 18th 1pm
Henley v Reading (L)
HenleySat May 25th 1pm
Sand Martins v East Berkshire (L)
Sand MartinsSat May 25th 1pm
Calcot Park v Sand Martins (L)
Calcot ParkSat Jun 1st 1pm
Goring v Henley (L)
Goring & StreatleySat Jun 8th 11am
Reading v Goring (L)
ReadingSat Jun 15th 2pm
Calcot Park v Henley (L)
Calcot ParkSat Jun 22nd 1pm
East Berkshire v Reading (L)
East BerkshireSat Jun 22nd 1pm
East Berkshire v Sand Martins (L)
East BerkshireSat Jun 29th 1pm
Reading v Henley (L)
ReadingSat Jun 29th 2pm
Henley v Calcot Park (L)
HenleySat Aug 24th 1pm
Sand Martins v Reading (L)
Sand MartinsSat Aug 24th 1pm
Sand Martins v Calcot Park (L)
Sand MartinsSat Aug 31st 1pm
Reading v Calcot Park (L)
ReadingSat Sep 7th 2pm
Goring v East Berkshire (L)
Goring & StreatleySat Sep 14th 12.30pm
Goring v Reading (L)
Goring & StreatleySat Sep 21st 1pm
Henley v Goring (L)
HenleySat Sep 28th 1pm
Reading v East Berkshire (L)
NewburySat Sep 28th 2pm
Calcot Park v Goring (L)
Calcot ParkSat Oct 12th 12.15pm
East Berkshire v Henley (L)
East BerkshireSat Oct 12th 1pm
Sand Martins v Henley (L)
Sand MartinsSat Oct 26th 12pm

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